Africa Safari Summit 2019


For the second time, African speakers and artists was commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism and wildlife of Kenya to co-deliver the next

    Know your Artist – Tetu Shani


    We get up close with Tetu Shani, an award-winning singer-songwriter from Kenya who currently describes his sound as a blend of indie rock,

      Sinkane Joins AS+A

      02/06/2016 are very proud and excited to announce that Sudanese-born, Brooklyn-based and genre-bending

        WEF Spotlight on Rwanda


        Today, Rwanda will host The World Economic Forum (WEF) for the first time, drawing the world’s foremost political and business leaders to this

          VIDEO: Trailblazers: Rob Burnet – The Storyteller – Part 2: The rise of DJ B


          "His show is a call out to young people to STEP UP: Don't wait. Good stuff is not coming. You need to make it."Find out the story behind DJ

            VIDEO: Trailblazers: Rob Burnet – The Storyteller – Part 1: The beginning of Shujaaz


            "The birth of Well Told Story and the birth of Shujaaz was linked to all of that -- how do we engage millions of young people from East Africa

              Head of Artists – Azza Satti


              Meet AS+A's new Head of Artists, Azza Satti. Below, a quick Q&A to get to know her better.How would you describe yourself in three

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