Erik Hersman

Leading Technologist + Innovator

“Change happens at the frontier”Erik Hersman is an entrepreneur, writer, and speaker who is passionate about the boundless potential of

  • Technology

Ger Duany

Model/ Actor

“My wish is to be a catalyst, to push for solutions, to broker peace talks, to ensure accountability, especially for those who committed and

  • Culture

Jesse Moore

MD/Founder of M-Kopa

Jesse Moore is the co-founder of M-KOPA, the company that is forever altering the way people and power get connected. M-KOPA is the world’s

  • Technology

Omari Issa

Chief Executive Officer of PDB

Omari Issa is the Chief Executive Officer of the President’s Delivery Bureau, spearheading Tanzania’s growth into a well-governed,

  • Business
  • Politics

Patrick E. Ngowi

Chairman & MD, Helvetic Group

“Knowing that I spend the day saving others, is something that I am passionate about, at the end of the day, a business should always be able

  • Business
  • Environment
  • Technology

Annabel Onyango

Fashion Personality

“Africa is a place that’s alive and ridiculously dynamic. It’s a place of massive interest. It’s the last fashion frontier.”Annabel

  • Culture

Rob Burnet

MD of Well Told Story

“We are trying to change the future with a story.”Rob Burnet is a two-time Emmy Award-winning media producer based in Kenya. He is

  • Culture

Nick Hughes

Founder of M-Kopa

Nick has been at the forefront of mobile commerce activities in emerging markets for over a decade. He is the co-founder of M-KOPA, the leading

  • Business
  • Technology

Wanuri Kahiu

Film Director

In 2008, Wanuri completed her first feature film From a Whisper, based on the real-life events of the twin bombings of United States’ embassies

  • Culture

Tonee Ndungu

Innovation Architect

"Africa rising started in the tech space...The status quo is cracking"Tonee Ndungu is an innovation architect, techpreneur, and the founder

  • Technology

Soiya Gecaga

Founder of 'We The Change'

Soiya Gecaga is the Founder and Executive Director of “We the Change” Foundation, an organization that inspires people to be the change they

  • Culture

Saba Douglas Hamilton

Wildlife Conservationist

Saba Iassa Douglas-Hamilton is a Kenyan wildlife conservationist and television presenter.Saba is a trustee of Save the Elephants, a

  • Environment