Nicholas Rowe


Nick is a motivational speaker and leadership consultant. Through his inspiring stories of real adventure he brings real life lessons to his

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Patrick E. Ngowi

Founder & CEO, Helvetic Group

 “Knowing that I spend the day saving others, is something that I am passionate about, at the end of the day, a business should always

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Munir Virani

Global Vulture Expert

Munir Virani is one of the world’s leading vulture experts. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Raptor Research Foundation, is a member of

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Saba Douglas Hamilton

Wildlife Conservationist

Saba Iassa Douglas-Hamilton is a Kenyan wildlife conservationist and television presenter.Saba is a trustee of Save the Elephants, a

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Dr Paula Kahumbu

CEO, Wildlife Direct

"None of us want our kids to grow up in a world without elephants.""To win this war we have to be fearless."Dr. Paula Kahumbu is the CEO

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Dr Max Graham

Founder of Space for Giants

Max Graham has worked in elephant research and conservation for over a decade and a half. His environment and development projects have spanned

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