Ali Mufuruki

CEO, Infotech Investment Group LTD

Ali A. Mufuruki is a Tanzanian entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker, and leadership coach challenging popular wisdom and simplistic

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Omari Issa

Chief Executive Officer of PDB

Omari Issa is the Chief Executive Officer of the President’s Delivery Bureau, spearheading Tanzania’s growth into a well-governed,

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Patrick E. Ngowi

Chairman & MD, Helvetic Group

“Knowing that I spend the day saving others, is something that I am passionate about, at the end of the day, a business should always be able

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Nick Hughes

Founder of M-Kopa

Nick has been at the forefront of mobile commerce activities in emerging markets for over a decade. He is the co-founder of M-KOPA, the leading

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Marie Lora-Mungai

Founder, CEO and Executive Producer of Restless Global

First as a journalist and then later as an entrepreneur, producer and show runner, Marie Lora-Mungai’s work over the past 10 years has focused

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Kiran Jethwa

TV Chef & Culinary Explorer

“When it comes to food - the tougher the challenge, the better the taste.”After four massively successful seasons of a National

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