VIDEO: Trailblazers: Vishal Agarwal


Vishal Agarwal, MD of Development and Investments for GE Africa, has a front seat to the changes sweeping the continent. AS+A sat down with the

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Q&A:Sankalp Africa Summit


Africa is the new frontier for global entrepreneurship. Over the last few years, we have seen African innovators, artists,

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Sauti Za Busara 2017


Day 1Stone Town, Zanzibar’s streets were a buzz as Sauti Za Busara commenced on 8th February 2017. Crowds gathered for the Parade that

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ARTICLE: The Power of a Story


The Power Of A Story:How one man’s fight can inspire a nationAcross the creative industry, we have a penchant for looking for

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Agents Wanted!


WHO WE ARE: We are East Africa’s leading Speaker Bureau and Talent Booking Agency.WHAT WE WANT: Think James Bond meets Jerry Maguire. You

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Over the course of 2017 African Speakers + Artists is embarking on a journey --called SEARCHLIGHT -- scouring the continent and searching for

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ARTICLE: WEF Raises Questions


WEF Raises Questions For Africa:Last week, while we were languishing on the equator, world leaders, and the world’s leading thinkers and

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AS+A Newsletter 2016-ASANTE SANA!


Click Here to read the full AS+A Newsletter 2016! Asante Sana!To start with, we would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the exceptionally

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Joss Stone Q&A


Nairobi is a buzz as we gear up for a full production and performance from Joss Stone on 26thNovember at Purdy Arms. We’re very happy to share

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ARTICLE: Africa’s Digital Sound


Africa’s Digital SoundAfrica’s mobile revolution is in full swing – with over 761 million mobile phones in use across the continent,

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Bridging the Gap


Something urgently needs to be done to narrow the gap between Africa's policy makers and Africa's creative economy.Across the continent, we

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Unexpected Sister Cities


Unexpected Sister CitiesWe're feeling inspired by our thriving urban space - we love the creativity and buzzing business scene of Nairobi

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