AS+A Newsletter 2016-ASANTE SANA!


Click Here to read the full AS+A Newsletter 2016! Asante Sana!To start with, we would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the exceptionally

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Joss Stone Q&A


Nairobi is a buzz as we gear up for a full production and performance from Joss Stone on 26thNovember at Purdy Arms. We’re very happy to share

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ARTICLE: Africa’s Digital Sound


Africa’s Digital SoundAfrica’s mobile revolution is in full swing – with over 761 million mobile phones in use across the continent,

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Bridging the Gap


Something urgently needs to be done to narrow the gap between Africa's policy makers and Africa's creative economy.Across the continent, we

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Unexpected Sister Cities


Unexpected Sister CitiesWe're feeling inspired by our thriving urban space - we love the creativity and buzzing business scene of Nairobi

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We Tip Our Hats


Tomorrow Kenya will celebrate Mashujaa Day...Heroes' Day. So we want to tip our hats to a few of our heroes...We have been overwhelmed by the

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Artist Q&A


The best way to start your week is with a dash of inspiration! Today we hear from the velvet voice of Kenyan Indie Pop artist Alisha

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6 Publications We LOVE!


With so many exciting, positive, interesting and inspiring African narratives arising daily from the Mother Continent, we decided to put

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Artist Q&A


AS+S artist Gregg Tendwa is hugely influential in the Afro and Electro movement in East Africa, with his djing, producing, and remixing style

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ARTICLE: A Word of Thanks


Here at AS+A, we just celebrated our one-year anniversary. With 46 speakers and 22 artists (and counting) we are proud and humbled to be playing

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Business of Fashion Speakers


Meet the AS+A fashionistas designing new styles, creating new trends and shaking up African fashion

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Welcome Kimberley Leonard!


From Al Jazeera to Sky News, Kenya's home-grown Kimberley Leonard has had an exciting and very impressive journey as a presenter and speaker!

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