Tonee Ndungu

Innovation Architect

"Africa rising started in the tech space...The status quo is cracking"Tonee Ndungu is an innovation architect, techpreneur, and the founder

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Soiya Gecaga

Founder of 'We The Change'

Soiya Gecaga is the Founder and Executive Director of “We the Change” Foundation, an organization that inspires people to be the change they

  • Culture

Saba Douglas Hamilton

Wildlife Conservationist

Saba Iassa Douglas-Hamilton is a Kenyan wildlife conservationist and television presenter.Saba is a trustee of Save the Elephants, a

  • Environment

Marie Lora-Mungai

Founder, CEO and Executive Producer of Restless Global

First as a journalist and then later as an entrepreneur, producer and show runner, Marie Lora-Mungai’s work over the past 10 years has focused

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Josephine Kulea

Activist, UN Person of the Year

Dr. Josephine Kulea HSC, is a child-rights activist and the Founder and Executive Director of Samburu Girls Foundation (SGF), a Kenyan-based

  • Culture

Kiran Jethwa

TV Chef & Culinary Explorer

“When it comes to food - the tougher the challenge, the better the taste.”After four massively successful seasons of a National

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John Sibi-Okumu

Notable Broadcaster & Presenter

John Sibi-Okumu, is one of Kenya’s foremost broadcast journalist. He has interviewed Daniel arap Moi, Mwai Kibaki, Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila

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Dr Paula Kahumbu

CEO, Wildlife Direct

"None of us want our kids to grow up in a world without elephants.""To win this war we have to be fearless."Dr. Paula Kahumbu is the CEO

  • Environment

Dr Max Graham

Founder of Space for Giants

Max Graham has worked in elephant research and conservation for over a decade and a half. His environment and development projects have spanned

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Diana Opoti

Fashion TV & Media Expert

Diana Opoti is a champion of the continent’s fashion market and one of the Africa’s most formidable industry leaders. She’s an avid

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Mark Kaigwa

Influential Blogger & Strategist

At the forefront of Africa’s digital revolution is Mark Kaigwa. He founded Nendo, a strategy and storytelling consultancy that has worked in 13

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