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Farah Khaleck

Motivational Speaker

Farah Khaleck is surviving Scleroderma through an ongoing stem cell treatment. As a brand, she champions positivity, self-love, confidence,

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Scott Kabugi


Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Scott the Violinist loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow

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Kasiva Mutua


Kasiva Mutua may have learned drumming from folktales told by her grandmother, but has developed her own knack for powerful beats. One of

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Michael Oyier

Executive Leadership Coach

Michael lives to be a trusted advisor, trading in confidentiality, a witness to transformation. He values trust, integrity, confidentiality, and

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Minyeshu was born under the Ethiopian sun in the city of Dire-Dawa, later moving to the capital, Addis Ababa, where she joined the National

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Terryanne Chebet

Media Personality

Currently the CEO of Kenya's first 24-HOUR business channel, Terryanne has a wealth of experience as a financial journalist as well as PR &

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Larry Soffer

Magician & Mentalist

Born on 25 October 1982 in Cape Town, South Africa, Larry Soffer always dreamed of becoming an international star in the fascinating realm of

    Wanja Wohoro


    Wanja is am Afro-Indie-Soul singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Nairobi, Kenya and Sydney, Australia.She began songwriting

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    DJ & Producer

    Ukweli is a DJ, Producer, and photographer based in Nairobi, and 1/6 of EA Wave, a collective of young DJ Producers who are revolutionizing the

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    Tetu Shani


    Okayafrica- "One of East Africa's most exciting live acts." Business Daily- "One of the most exciting performers at the forefront of the

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    R&B Singer

    Karun is a genre-bending soulful R&B singer whose stage presence is best labeled as jazzy indie-pop with a sprinkle of grit.She is

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    Farzam Ehsani

    Cryptocurrency Expert

    Farzam Ehsani is the CEO and Co-Founder of VALR, a platform that bridges our traditional financial system with the new world of cryptocurrencies.

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    Craig Wing


    Craig Wing is a partner of FutureWorld International, inspiring companies to “future proof” themselves by “imagineering” their future

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    Vanessa Mdee

    Recording and Performing Artist

    Vanessa Mdee is a Tanzanian recording and performing artist, songwriter and youth activist. Mdee is popularly known for being the first ever

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    Ory Okolloh

    Innovator, Investor & Activist

    Ory Okolloh currently serves as Director of Investments for Omidyar Network. Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm that is focused

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    Boniface Mwangi

    Photojournalist & Activist

    Boniface Mwangi is an award-winning Kenyan photojournalist and activist involved in social-political activism through his initiative Team

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