AS+A Trailblazers - Vishal Agarwal

Blinky Bill-Kwani Iko Nini

Octopizzo-Pull Up

Sauti Sol - Live and Die in Afrika (Live Performance) 2016

AS+A Trailblazers - Rob Burnet

Emmanuel Jal ft. Abdel Gabir Salim (MasterPeace in Concert)

Social Media Week Lagos With Zain Verjee

Sinkane - U'Huh

Sarabi-Hakuna Matata-african-speakers-and-artists

Bethlehem Alemu - Leaders Summit 2016

Somi- Ginger me Slowly

Sauti Sol - Kuliko Jana Featuring RedFourth Chorus

Lola - Maia & The Big Sky

Emmanuel Jal - One Young World 2016

Latest artists, speakers and news.

Isaac Kwaku Fokuo

Founder & Principal - Botho Limited

Isaac Kwaku Fokuo, Jr. is a sought-after advisor to governments, investors, startups, private companies and Fortune 500 companies globally. He

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Marek Fuchs

MD-Sauti Sol Entertainment

Marek Fuchs is the Manager of acclaimed Kenyan music group Sauti Sol and the Managing Director of Sauti Sol Entertainment.Originally from

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Renee Ngamau

Speaker/Life and Business Strategist.

Renee is a qualified lawyer and holds a Masters degree in Financial and Banking Law from the University of London. She has worked in some of the

  • Business

Bisila Bokoko

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Philanthropist

Bisila Bokoko is an Internationally recognized speaker, entrepreneur, and
leader specializing in international trade. She has been featured in

  • Business

Darshan Chandaria

Group CEO & Director- Chandaria Industries Ltd

Darshan Chandaria holds an undergraduate Business Management degree from Cardiff University in the UK. He is a Director & Group CEO of

  • Business

Catherine Mahugu

Techpreneur l Professional Speaker

Catherine Mahugu is an award-winning seasoned entrepreneur, keynote speaker, sustainable luxury enthusiast, changemaker, youth empowerment

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Larry Madowo

Journalist/ News Anchor

Larry Madowo is the host of the wildly popular Friday night talk show #theTrend, Kenya’s most successful, most imitated programme on

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Ikenna Azuike

Video blogger at BBC World News.

Ikenna Azuike is an ex City lawyer turned internet personality and entrepreneur. After turning his back on a successful career as a lawyer in

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Nicholas Rowe


Nick is a motivational speaker and leadership consultant. Through his inspiring stories of real adventure he brings real life lessons to his

  • Business
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Ramah Nyang

Journalist at CCTV Africa

Ramah Nyang has been a business journalist, based in East Africa, since 2006.As part of the business news team at CGTN's Africa Bureau, he is

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Vishal Agarwal

Senior Leader- GE Africa

From Africa Rising to Africa Resilient, he's watched the last 15 years from the best seat at the table: a local one. Based in Nairobi with an

  • Business

Ann McCreath

Managing Director- Kikoromeo Africa

Ann McCreath is one of the most sought after voices on fashion in Africa. A multi-faceted fashion designer and entrepreneur she founded her main

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Fareed Khimani

Media Personality

Fareed Khimani Kenyan Media Personality, Corporate MC and Senior Producer at Nusu-Nusu Productions Ltd. He began his broadcasting career in 2004,

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Eve D’Souza

Media Personality

Eve D'Souza is a popular Radio and TV presenter based in Nairobi, Kenya with 15 years of experience in the media industry. She joined 98.4

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Gaetano Kagwa

Media Personality

Gaetano Jjuko Kagwa is a Ugandan actor and broadcaster. He currently plays Abe Sakku on Nana Kagga's TV series, Beneath The Lies - The Series.

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Pete Ouko

Founder-Crime si poa

Pete Ouko is the first Kenyan inmate to graduate with a Diploma in Law from the University of London. It did not come easy though.He achieved

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